Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools are certainly seen as the more affordable option when it comes to pool installation. But by affordable we certainly do not mean cheap. Our materials and installation methods are of the highest quality and our vinyl lined pools have won design awards again and again. Our vinyl lined swimming pools are made with the highest quality American steel. The galvanization process ensures that the integrity of the steel will remain intact well past our lifetime. Vinyl pool installation is what built our business. We do everything in-house with an owner on sight. From the moment we choose a size and shape to the time that the water trucks pull up, everything is handled by us.

Gunite Pools

While our business has been built on vinyl, we have serviced and repaired gunite pools from our first day in 1982. About 10 years ago we decided that since we already built the best vinyl pool in the area, we should expand into the gunite realm completely. And like everything else that we do, we strove to be the best in this area as well. Today we are building high-end gunite pools all over the Hudson Valley, Westchester and into Connecticut. With quality materials, practices, and knowledge we are providing design and installation that is unsurpassed.